It’s Time for a Bier!

Bier Garden
Encinitas, CA

It was another warm afternoon in the charming downtown of Encinitas, CA. My boyfriend and I were taking a stroll down the 101, looking for a place to relax and people watch. While walking south on the 101, a murmur of conversations and laughter became louder until we reached the Bier Garden. We took a peek inside and decided we had to try it out. Since that day, it has become one of our go-to places in Encinitas.


What I really love about the Bier Garden is the atmosphere. To me, the restaurant itself is a work of art. I am amazed at how they have maximized the room in a seemingly awkward- shaped space. The first thing to admire is a ten-foot tree, formed out of hundreds of intertwining grapevines that seem to sprout out of the floor and wind their way up to the ceiling. Branches form at the ceiling and and wrap around the wooden beams and creep over to the bar, making the tree a major element of the character at Bier Garden.  They even decorate it for the different seasons!


They have an amazing local craft beer selection. They boast at least twenty-five different craft beers at one time, which are proudly displayed on a huge blackboard at the edge of the bar. My current favorite is the Sweet Biscuit Amber Ale, brewed by Prohibition Brewing in Vista, CA. The ale has the perfect amount of sweetness (without being sickening) and no bitter aftertaste. It’s friggin’ delicious (for a beer) and I can’t go in there without ordering it! If you are in the area and are a beer connoisseur you should probably check out this great place.

Eclectic light fixtures hang from the beams, giving the bar an industrial and rustic feel. There is also a bustling outdoor patio, and a two sided bar- one side you can sit outdoors, the other side in. Even while sitting inside, you get a feel of the outdoors as all of the windows are open and the breeze flows freely though the place. It’s the perfect spot to watch high-end cars drive past and watch people wander up and down the heart of downtown Encinitas. (If you are lucky enough to catch an Encinitas street fair, this is definitely the place to be!)

Although I can’t say that I have eaten at the Bier Garden many times, I can say that what I have ordered was fantastic. Gourmet even! The Burger 101 was a top quality burger, accompanied by perfectly crisp waffle fries. I’ve also ordered the Diver Scallops, which were excellent (I wish there were more than three on the plate though!). Everything walked out of the kitchen always looks delicious. They also have a weekend brunch menu that includes stuffed French toast and some of the tastiest Bloody Mary’s around (complete with a beer chaser). It is a little more expensive than some places, but you pay for top-notch quality. Their menu and great happy hours are posted at Check it out and let me know what you think!

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3 thoughts on “It’s Time for a Bier!

    • Thank you Patty. Sorry for the late reply. My new favorite beer is called “California Creamin'” by Mother Earth Brewing…tastes like a creamsicle….its amazing! I really appreciate you stopping by my blog. I will be much better at responding now. Have a great day!

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