The World Needs More Luxurious Movie Theatres

Carlsbad, CA

   Last weekend I went to the Cinepolis Cinema in Carlsbad for the first time. I heard a lot about their luxurious seats, in-theatre service and hip lounge and finally found a good quality movie to see there. I must say, I will be going back soon! I saw the Wolf of Wall Street and we certainly got our moneys worth out of that 3 hour movie! The seats are a little more expensive at $20, but it is definitely worth it if you feel like having an extravagant movie-going experience. (The opposite feel of the Drive-In Movie blog I wrote a few weeks ago!)

Be forewarned: you might need to purchase your tickets a week (or at least a few nights) in advance online or in person. The seats sell out quickly and if you wait you might get stuck with the dreaded front row. We made the mistake of going to buy our tickets the night of at 5:30 and the 9:30pm showing was sold out. We decided to live on the wild side and go to the 11:30pm showing (got out at 2:45am!) Haven’t done that in a while. We really liked the Wolf of Wall Street. Despite the overload of drugs and corruption that surrounded Jordan Belfort, I loved the movie, and managed to stay awake for the whole film! (I think double shot of expresso they sold in the lobby helped me out a little too.)

What’s nice about Cinepolis is that you select your seats when you purchase your tickets (like airline or sports tickets). That means you don’t need to rush to the theatre to get good seats if you pay beforehand! The seats are extremely comfortable and recline the way back, I felt right at home! They are paired in twos, accompanied by end tables and a menu of dishes and fancy drinks. The seats are pretty spaced out, so you don’t have to worry about feeling crammed in a theatre.  It’s a very comfortable experience!! It might be hard for me to go back to AMC! (just kidding!)

The lobby was very nice too, complete with an upstairs sitting area overlooking a sports bar and a wifi lounge. There are a few locations in San Diego County, including Carlsbad and Del Mar, and plenty of them in Mexico. It is definitely a great date night if you need ideas, and there are a lot of good restaurants nearby too! We went to the Tin Leaf which was basically across the street and their mashed potatoes were to die for!! It reminded me of Tender Greens (LOVE that place).  Anyways, let me know if you catch a movie at Cinepolis. Make sure you choose a good movie and make a fun night out of it!

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