Like the Gaslamp Quarter? Head to Barleymash……

San Diego, CA
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Last Friday night Brady and I were walking around the Gaslamp quarter and decided to finally try out the bar/restaurant Barleymash, located right in the heart of the famous San Diego Gaslamp. I have always loved downtown San Diego, have been curious about Barleymash and was excited to finally see what the buzz was all about.


But be forewarned: Don’t expect booths here, the restaurant was strictly high top tables and barstools. The first thing I noticed was the great atmosphere that the restaurant gave off. The Barleymash has an urban vibe, with its brick walls, open spaces and amazing 32 flat screen TV’s (note to self: perfect place to watch a big game). At one side of the bar, business professionals that dressed in suits were gathered, letting off a works week worth of steam, while hipsters were at the other side drinking beer and taking shots. It was a motley crew, which made for very interesting conversations and a welcoming feel.

Our waiter was Ulysses. Listen everyone, if you are lucky enough to have Ulysses as your waiter, you will be in good hands. Although the menu clearly described the selection of items, Ulysses explained the entire cooking process of the food and why the menu items were unique to other restaurants. He explained that almost every item on the menu was cooked with beer, which I thought was really interesting. He made it really difficult to decide on just a few items because they all sounded sooo delicious!!

We started off with some creative cocktails. They are half off during happy hour, so make sure to get there before 6:00pm!! They came in mason jars, which added to the eclectic, urban effect. I chose the Kate Sessions cocktail and Brady tried the Frisky Whisky. Both drinks were very strong and lasted us our entire dinner.

I read online about how great the wings were and Brady and I had to try them. If you go to Barleymash, GET THE WINGS!!! My family is from Buffalo, so I KNOW Buffalo wings. Their wings aren’t fried (somewhat healthier!!!) but actually baked in beer! (YUM), and you get twenty of them (#notstingy)! I highly recommend the Mojito Mango flavored wings. They are a restaurant favorite and were accompanied with a delicious homemade ranch dressing. They were out of this world, combining a sweet tangy mango flavor with spicy pepper. We also tried the very smokey bourbon bbq wings. All of the wings were so juicy…trust me… will NOT be disappointed. …I was in heaven!

Now down to the Maine event: Yep, I spelled “Maine” intentionally. I ordered the “Maine Event,” which was a huge skillet of lobster truffle mac n cheese. (Their portions are huge, so you definitely get what you pay for!!) The mac n cheese was very rich, so I had to take a lot home, even after Brady and I ate a lot of it. The good news? The mac n cheese was even better the next day, after the pasta marinated in the delicious truffle sauce. Brady tried the Pork Belly Confit. The presentation was amazing, and the pork was even better. Everything was so moist. Under the pork was a delicious potpie of mixed veggies including my favorite, sweet potatoes. I felt like I was going to pop after all the food I ate!

Thankfully, Ulysses talked me into ordering their famous ‘BABB bar” for dessert. I always have room for dessert, no matter how full I am. (I’m convinced it is a hereditary trait.) The bar was amazing. It was just as he described it: like a Twix bar. Shortbread cookie on the bottom, topped with a thick layer of caramel and covered in a thin layer of delicious chocolate with sea salt sprinkled on top. YUM!! It was paired with a delicious homemade peppermint bark ice cream.

As you can probably tell, Barleymash is not just a bar with “bar food.” Their items are extremely gourmet and they don’t shortchange you with portion size. It has a real urban bourgeois feel, where you can drink your frisky whiskey cocktail out of a mason jar while dining on pork belly comfit.

The next time you head to the Gaslamp quarter, I highly recommend that you check out the Barleymash. Their food is unique and fantastic, and I hear that the nightlife is great. Let me know what you think of the delicious Barleymash by emailing me. I PROMISE you…You will not be disappointed in downtown San Diego!

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