The SoCal Experience: Taco Tuesday by the Beach

World Famous
Pacific Beach, CA

   I had to share my thoughts on a great restaurant in Pacific Beach called World Famous. I have been eating there since I was little and it is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Pacific Beach. When I was young, my Dad would take me to the beach literally every weekend and eventually he found this great place right on the boardwalk. From then on it became our place to be. The food is great and the view is fantastic.

   To our family, World Famous has become a go-to spot whenever we pick up family or friends from the airport. You guys hungry? You want to see the Pacific Ocean? I’ve got a perfect place in mind!! They have a great patio to people watch while you eat, (maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of the famous Slo-mo Joe) and have a great happy hour on weeknights.

They have an AWESOME happy hour.  Unfortunately, Brady and I have only been on Tuesdays, so I can’t tell you how amazing their $1.75 lobster tacos are on Wednesdays (but I will edit this post when I do). On Tuesdays, World Famous has $1.50 shrimp tacos and they are delicious. I usually get two and Brady gets three although he says he can eat a lot more, but doesn’t want to ruin the experience by eating too many. It is the perfect southern Californian experience, which this native San Diegan can’t get enough of.

Last Tuesday after five shrimp tacos and a Corona, we walked out of the restaurant only spending $13. Not too shabby. Make sure you come early though, because if not you will be waiting a while to get a table during this great deal. We got there by 7pm and got a table quickly, but as we were leaving the line was out the door with college kids amped up for Taco Tuesday.

 Here’s a rundown of their daily Happy Hour Specials from their website:

As you can see, awesome specials. Their bar menu is great too. Its not too often that you can find great deals at such a prime location on the PB boardwalk.  If you have been to World Famous or plan on going after reading this, let me know your thoughts! It would make my day. Have a great rest of the weekend and keep World Famous in mind if you are in the PB area or are looking to grab a bite to eat by the ocean.

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