Book-Nerds and Bargain-Hunters–Unite!

The Book Off
Kearny Mesa- San Diego, CA

   Ordinarily when I find a place that has such fantastic deals, I want to keep it to myself. Yet, I’ve never been very good at keeping secrets- just ask anyone who knows me. To all you bookworms, movie buffs, music junkies and bargain-hunters out there, this post is for you.

My mom had hyped up a Kearny Mesa bookstore for months, but I had yet to check it out. What a huge mistake on my part. (…and another reason to reinforce a fact that I already knew- mothers always know best!)  Nestled near In-N-Out Burger and Sushi Deli near the 163 you’ll find the “The Book-Off.”  Not too great as far as names go, but intriguing nonetheless. Here, you’ll find thousands of heavily discounted books, CD’s and DVD’s, as well as game systems. Half the store is stocked with Manga and Japanese books too. Thanks to the Book-Off, it is nearly impossible for me to justify buying a book or DVD for full-price. The store is jam-packed with used (albeit great condition) items that you won’t be able to stop scavenging for and it is practically impossible to walk out of that store empty handed. It is like the Target scenario—you go in for shampoo and you walk out with $60 worth of things you didn’t know you needed). I want to warn you though: you will walk out with a minor neck injury from tilting your head in search of book/movie titles on the shelves!

Book Off Aisle

Brady can’t help but buy at least one book to add the collection of all the others he won’t read, and I’m a sucker for the box sets of TV series as well as political books and DVDs that I am dying to have but would never pay full price for. My most recent purchase? The Office, Season 2. (Yes, I know it’s on Netflix, however I am one of the few people in the world who doesn’t have a Netflix account.)

The average prices for books range between $1-10 (the $10 books are normally $30-$40 bucks at other bookstores) and their DVDs range between $1-5. If you are like me, finding a good deal gives me a retail-high, and when I walked out of the Book-Off one day with 3 books and 2 DVDs for $21, I was feeling pretty good!

photo 1

So if you’re passing by and would like some cheap entertainment, this is your fix. They sell every type of book and movie you can think of and my friends and I have never had any problems with the DVDs we have purchased. This place is an absolute goldmine and I had to write about it so other San Diegans would get the chance to check it out too. I hope I inspired some of you bargain-hunters to check it out someday. The only downside you ask?  The prices are so low you’ll buy things you don’t even need. However, as Brady looks at it, he’s contributing to the economy.


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