Date Night at LJBC

La Jolla Brewing Company
La Jolla, CA

   Oh La Jolla…. What a beautiful place with breathtaking homes and beaches, the Scripps Aquarium, a great mall (complete with fancy movie theatre) and the famous children’s pool where seals come to rest and get their pictures taken. For those of you who are not familiar with this area, La Jolla is a great upscale town with a lot to offer and a lot of charm. I don’t visit often, but I found a great new restaurant and wanted to write about my experience there.

After a six-hour hike around the World Famous San Diego Zoo, I wanted to take Brady to the newly-opened La Jolla Brewing Company for drinks and dinner. We are always up for trying out new places and La Jolla is a place that we don’t normally go to, so we thought, why not?! It’s time for something new!

Prior to heading to the restaurant, we made a quick stop by the beach to watch the sunset and feel the sand between our toes.  It’s always an great evening tone-setter when you get to watch the sun set behind the Pacific Ocean. While there, we both stopped to get our pictures in front of Mitt Romney’s beach house, (didn’t get to see him though) and then it was on to DINNER!

The La Jolla Brewing has been open for less than a month. However, you’d never be able to tell as the wait staff was extremely knowledgeable on all of their beer and menu items. We started off with some of their LJBC brews. (You can’t go into a brewery and order a Budlight, you know.) I tried the Cove Side Stout and Brady had the Sunny Jims IPA. I love how the names of their beers stay true to their La Jolla theme.

LJBC Cove Side Stout and Sunny Jims IPA

As usual, Brady and I started off with the mussels. (YUM!) I am a HUGE mac n cheese lover and when I saw it on the menu, I had to question our server. She told us it was one of their specialties and I ordered a small regular mac n cheese for us to share. (I can’t help it- I’m addicted!) We ordered the small, and WOW, I would like to see the large. It was huge! The mac….it was creamy and simple, yet AMAZING. We both really loved it. If you are in La Jolla looking for a relatively inexpensive lunch/dinner or snack, go for the mac! (I rhymed on accident) $5 for a small, $8 for the large. For dinner, I ordered the Mahi Mahi pasta. It was lemony and the pasta was actual pearl-shaped pasta (and not just spaghetti I thought was named after Pearl Street in La Jolla). I have never been a huge fan of lemon desserts, but the lemon in the pasta was perfect with the Mahi Mahi, which was a surprisingly generous slab of fish. It was great for lunch at work the next day too. Brady had the Duck Confit….which is a really cool way of saying some sort of pie that I’m not familiar with….but both dishes were tasty. I shamelessly ordered dessert; the Banana Wontons. The Stout Float was extremely tempting too- beer mixed with ice cream?? (I really need to watch my weight—summer will be here before we know it!)

The amazing Mac photo 5-2

As for the ambience, the restaurant isn’t very large, so it feels very welcoming. It has an industrial feel combined with brick, steel and wood. (I am sensing an atmosphere theme in the restaurants that I like). My only recommendation is that they advertise their great spot a little more by placing a sign over their building, as the sign is a little small and the restaurant is back about 50 feet from the road so you may drive by it once or twice. The Aztecs were playing on the bar TV, so I enjoyed that. (SDSU Aztecs fight!!) What Brady and I really liked were the huge copper casks behind the bar; really unique and classy.

photo 1-4 Outdoor Patio photo 5-3 

The La Jolla Brewing Company actually brews their own beer in their restaurant, which is another great touch. Outside you’ll find a couple fire-pits perfect for enjoying after a large meal with one of LJBC’s fantastic brews. Once you’ve found the place, you won’t be disappointed. I love supporting new businesses, and I know they will be successful as a low-key brewery on a bustling street in a beautiful area. See you in La Jolla!

–Briana 🙂


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