Spring Ahead- Get Fit! Part 1

Congratulations San Diego. We have survived the “Spring Ahead” time change. Although it was pretty miserable waking up an hour earlier on Monday morning (I completely slept through my alarm) the good news is that we now get to enjoy an extra hour of daylight. With that comes the opportunity to do a little more with our days after work instead of retreating home, as I tend to do. In an effort to shape up before the summer months, I am making a big effort to run a lot more during the week. I don’t know about you, but for me running at the gym can get pretty dull after a while (unless you plan your run around the 4-5pm hour block of the Judge Judy -then the miles fly by!). I wanted to share a spot where I enjoy to run and maybe I will inspire you to get out and get some sun too! I will be writing more posts about outside actives so be sure to check them out!

Bonita Golf Course
Bonita, CA

With that one extra hour of daylight, I plan to make the most of it after being cooped inside the office all day. Monday marked the first day of the year that I ran at one of my favorite places in the Chula Vista/Bonita region- the trail around the Bonita Golf Course. The trail is a little over three miles long, complete with ponds with evil geese and many ducks that we love to feed, beautiful trees and a grassy and spacious Rohr Park. (If you’re lucky you’ll spot the ducks with afros- they make me laugh and reminds me of God’s sense of humor). Sometimes I don’t feel like I get to see as many trees and open spaces as I would like, so when running at the golf course I seem to get my nature fix! I love to get out into the sunshine and people watch as I make my way along the course. Plenty of people bring their dogs along too, which makes it an even happier place to be on a nice afternoon in sunny San Diego. After the three mile run, I’m satisfied with my dose of vitamin D and don’t feel completely guilty for not experiencing our wonderful weather.

Afro-duck Leafy Trail

Nature meets Nature The Course

Running can work up an appetite- and my blog wouldn’t be the same without a post about food-duh. I found a great fruit salad place a while back, and now its pretty hard to resist whenever I am nearby. Across the street from the golf course is Papaya’s Juice Bar and Fruteria. They have an amazing fruit salad- complete with every fruit you can imagine and nicely garnished with cottage cheese, sunflower seeds and coconut. YUM! It’s such a refreshing treat after a workout in the sun. It is a small shop, but they know what they are doing when it comes to fruit salads and smoothies. (A solid FOUR stars on Yelp!) I have yet to try their sandwiches but I am sure they are great too.  (I will put a picture up soon!)

Hope this inspires you to get outside and enjoy your extra time in the sun. If you have any suggestions of great places to explore outside- let me know! I would love to check them out. Be sure to check out part 2 to this effort to be healthier when I write about routes around our beaches.


White Afro


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