Spring Ahead- Get Fit! Part 2

Pacific Beach/Mission Beach Boardwalk

In the upcoming months we have to take advantage of our beautiful weather, and what better place to do that than to be by the beach! A scenic run from Pacific Beach to Mission (and back again) is a great way to burn the calories, enjoy the beach and people watch-all at once! One way is about two miles from the Crystal Pier to Belmont Park in Mission Beach. On the one side, the boardwalk is lined with unique houses. The other side, the beautiful Pacific ocean lined with people. What’s not to love??

Tuesday Brady and I switched up the route a little bit and ran from World Famous (my favorite boardwalk restaurant in PB) over to the Catamaran (bayside) and took the path around the bay to Ingraham Street, about 2 miles each way. Each route has its own scenic attributes and that day we felt like running along a less hectic path. This path is much more calming, and scenic in its own way, where you can see rowers, kayakers and sailors making their way leisurely about the bay. It was a great run!

boats on the bay Bayside

Back to the good stuff- FOOD! As a reward (probably not the healthiest of choices) Brady and I ate at World Famous for their amazing shrimp tacos for Taco Tuesday-$1.50 on Tuesdays! (I feel like I’ve talked about this before …). They are to die for and relatively healthy (or so I tell myself!). It’s another perfect end to a great workout. And such a great location right on the boardwalk! If you need a refreshing beverage, PB Alehouse is right down the street too. Their rooftop bar has the most spectacular views–especially when the sunsets. But that will be for another post coming soon. πŸ™‚

World Famous! Inside World Famous at Sunset

PB Ale House


I will be sure to write more about ways to be active in our sunny city. If you have any ideas- please let me know!



6 thoughts on “Spring Ahead- Get Fit! Part 2

    • Hi Activeharmony! So glad you liked my post (sorry for the late reply). Iowa transplants huh? I hope you are loving San Diego. I’m sure you’ve been to Karl Strauss and Stone but if you haven’t i would recommend it! Also the Bier Garden in Encinitas is a really cool hangout with a great beer selection and a great brunch menu. If you ever have a question about places to go I would be happy to give you suggestions! πŸ™‚

      • We do love San Diego – very much! We’ve been to both Karl Strauss and Stone, and love both breweries. Bier Garden is one of C’s favorite Bloody Mary’s, ever!

        We’ll be sure to keep you on call! πŸ™‚

      • I finally went to Stone in Escondido a few weeks ago- its so peaceful there! I have a beer recommendation for you. My boyfriend and I discovered it recently and always order it if its available! Its called “California Creamin'” by Mother Earth Brewing. It tastes like an orange creamsicle……its amazing. Not too sickening sweet though. Just a thought if you were looking for something different πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

      • Oh, yes! C loves that one (we sampled it at the BeerFest during this year’s SD County Fair). Soo good!

        So glad you enjoyed Stone! They are having their 18 anniversary party this weekend if you’re looking for something to do.

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