Date Night Jewel in Banker’s Hill

Wet Stone Wine Bar
Bankers Hill, San Diego

WIne for two

   In the spirit of adventure, (and a $75 gift certificate from Christmas) Brady and I set our aim on a little known restaurant/wine bar just north of Little Italy- the Wet Stone Wine Bar.  After a long day at work, we were excited to try something new, sit back and relax with a glass of wine in hand.

We parked over near Balboa Park on 6th Avenue and made our way on foot. We came across some interesting sites along the way, including a mysterious staircase to nowhere (well…a parking lot). I thought it was a pretty picture. The next block was 4th Avenue, we turned left and there it was, a nondescript facade that looked like a house in back and porch-esque in front, with a small sign that read “Wet Stone.” The outside didn’t look like much, but later we would find out that looks can be very deceiving!

Staircase to Nowhere Wet Stone's Unsuspecting Front Door

They open for lunch from 11-2 and open back up for dinner at 5pm, so we had an hour to kill. (NOTE: They are closed on Mondays) We decided to walk to Little Italy to work up an appetite. As we wandered down India Street, we watched as planes flew overhead as they made their way to Lindberg Field. I had to make a pit stop into the Blick Art store (LOVE their trinkets and art supplies) and after an hour or so we headed back to Wet Stone. We stepped inside to find a warm cafe, lit by soft red lighting and candles at every table that set the tone for an extremely cozy and romantic atmosphere.

Plane overhead Lovely Ambience at Wet Stone

For happy hour we had to get a bottle of wine (only $20) and the meat and cheese plate.  It came with an assortment of….well, a variety of gourmet meats and cheeses. Well worth it. I was impressed!

Meat & Cheese Platter

Next, Brady really wanted to try the lamb meatballs. They were absolutely fantastic!  Not too small to be pitiful, not too large to be too filling, and spiced to perfection.  Definitely a game changer in the meatball world.


By this point in time we were both feeling like we didn’t need anymore food, but we still had more wine and didn’t want to leave quite yet. I couldn’t get over the Wet Stone’s romantic ambience. (I am ALL about ambience if you haven’t noticed!) Small tables filled the space, creating a perfect place for close conversations. The soft chatter of the other patrons enjoying themselves was enticing and we couldn’t leave. We decided to order entrees to extend our stay.

Brady ordered a White Fish Ceviche and I tried the Churrasco- an assortment of steak, chicken and lamb (delicious and grilled to perfection). After trying the four dishes, I can confirm with confidence that everything on their menu is unique, delicious and highly gourmet.

Next thing we knew, the wine was gone, we were full and the night was dark. If you stop by, be sure to ask Christian, the owner, how he came up with the name “Wet Stone” (it’s an interesting story). He came around to every table and was happy to tell anyone about how the origins of the menu and had a story for each dish, which really personalized the experience!

Wet Stone is truly unique and has a very romantic setting. The next time you wish to wow a date, or impress your friends with your idea of sharing a $20 bottle of wine while chatting during happy hour, try out Wet Stone. I can guarantee you it will be a place that leaves your friends amazed that you had such a fantastic place as this up your sleeve.



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