Great Views & Brews in PB

PB Alehouse
Pacific Beach, CA

   Driving down Mission Boulevard in Pacific Beach I spotted something that caught my eye: a Buffalo Bills flag waving outside of a two-storied bar called PB Ale House. At that instant, I knew I would love the PB Alehouse. (Already forming a bias without stepping foot inside the place.) For those who don’t know me, my parents were born in Buffalo, New York, and it has always been my second home. Call me crazy, but this San Diegan is in love with that city! I sure am glad that flag caught my eye- I found a beachside GEM because of it.

Back to my story. It was a perfect night in February in San Diego, where most of the country (especially Buffalo) wouldn’t dare go outside. Brady, my best friend Elizabeth and I decided to extend our evening and give PB Alehouse a shot. We sat down at a rooftop table, ordered beer and felt the ocean breeze. Elizabeth and I were actually giddy because we were excited to find an awesome new place and didn’t want to leave. Why hadn’t we checked out the PB Alehouse earlier???

Rooftop bar at night Brewskis

Right along the beach at the corner of Mission Boulevard and Grand Avenue, their location is pretty hard to beat. Their self-serve seating rooftop area, complete with a second full bar, has an amazing view of the ocean and is the perfect place to watch the sunset and have a great time with friends. It’s safe to say that this place is the place to be during happy hour, sunsets and weekends. (Note to self: I must bring visitors here to showcase sunny San Diego.) It portrays the stereotypical scene that comes to mind when imagining hanging out at a beach in Southern California. Besides the great location, (and the Buffalo Bills surfboard in the downstairs bar) I loved the scene at the PB Ale House. My bias was correct! (FYI for you Buffalo Bills fans, this is the spot to watch the games in SD. After talking to the servers I heard it gets pretty packed for Bills games, I’ll have to check it out next season!)

Ocean View Happy Hour anyone?

A month later, my cousin Jenny, a native Buffalonian, was in town from LA and I was dying to show her my new find. We went on the perfect Saturday afternoon. It was packed. The energy from the crowd’s laughter and chatter made us excited to be there. We sat outside on the downstairs patio and people-watched while we soaked in the sunny weather and salty beach breeze. To celebrate our reunion and our awesome times together, we ordered some beer and shared a flight of five tasters. (They brew their own delicious beer in vats in the back of the restaurant, which is pretty unique for being right on the beach.) We worked up an appetite and ordered the buffalo wings. They were delicious, especially when paired with the PB Alehouse Crystal Pier Pale Ale. We were off to an excellent start.

Flight of Tasters Wings and the Bills

Next came the entrees. I debated between a few items on the menu, but went with the Beer Cheese Burger (complete with PRETZEL BUN) and sweet potato fries. Jen tried the Rattlesnake Flatbread. Spicy and AMAZING! I would definitely order that next time. When I see flatbreads on the menu, I generally think “appetizer.” The rattlesnake proved me wrong – it was a full-on meal. Being true Waris girls, we naturally always save room for dessert, so we ordered the Ice Cream Cookie Tower, which was HUGE. Coveting eyes were watching our table when our server brought us the tower of ice cream, cookies and whip cream. It was pretty impressive and a great way to finish our afternoon at the beach.

Rattlesnake Flatbread Cookie tower-YUM!

Every time I visit the PB Alehouse, I have had a great and relaxing time. I cant wait to check it out when summer comes around. (That’s only a few months away!) Plus- it’s only two blocks north of World Famous. Two awesome restaurants, one exciting beach, what’s not to like about Pacific Beach? If you are looking for a place with excellent brews, a fantastic view and a great atmosphere to match, check out the PB Alehouse next time you visit PB. You will thank me!




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