Beachin’ Breakfast with the Locals

Pipes Café


    Seeing as we are going through a major #heatwave this week, (and to keep up with the beachy theme I’ve had going lately) I thought I would share a relaxed and popular breakfast spot by the beach that I love: Pipes Café. This chill breakfast/lunch spot is realllly popular with the locals- and famous San Diegans and surfers too! The back wall is lined with autographed photos of Pipes fans- including Tony Hawk! Located in Cardiff, it’s walking distance from the Pacific Ocean and right across the train tracks from the San Elijo campground. The portions are HUGE and the prices are cheap! (Music to my ears) Make sure you have cash on you-it’s a cash only establishment. Pipes has an outside Expresso bar too. (ooh la la!) It’s open from 7:00am-3:00pm, but the earlier you get there, the better. There is always a line out the door of this surf shack. You order at the counter (the guy who takes the orders is so friendly!) and a server will bring it out to you. Nothing fancy, but its laid back demeanor perfectly captures the relaxed beach lifestyle in Cardiff. Most of the seating is outside on the patio, giving you the chance to soak up the sun- Sheryl Crowe style.

Pipes Menu

Brady and I go often, and my favorite time would have to be our last time we were there. I ordered the GINORMOUS breakfast burrito ($5.50) and Brady got the sausage scrambler ($6.75). We took our monstrous breakfast orders to go, (should have split one- we never learn!) and walked over to the San Elijo Campground to eat with a view overlooking the ocean. If you are looking for an awesome view, I highly recommend packing up your order and crossing the tracks to watch the waves and surfers from above. It is breathtaking. I could have been there all day! Thankfully Brady dragged me away before I got third degree sunburns. So this weekend, wake up early and try something new! Head to Pipes and enjoy a sunny day at the beach-dude!

Perfect breakfast view Massive breakfast burrito!


–Hope you enjoy it!




4 thoughts on “Beachin’ Breakfast with the Locals

    • I am so happy to hear that you enjoy my posts! Thank you for sharing- I hope your customers enjoy them too. Hopefully they will know exactly where to go in our beautiful city!

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