The Ice Cream Sandwich: A Work of Art

The Baked Bear
Pacific Beach, CA

   It’s hot. And I have ice cream on the brain. Specifically- ice cream sandwiches. Yesterday Brady and I ran along the bay, then went to our favorite place for taco Tuesday—World Famous (World Famous shout-outs are becoming a regular occurrence in my posts these days). It was 80 degrees out and I hadn’t thought of anything else but ice cream since lunch at work. I remembered a place that I saw with Jenny when we went to the PB Alehouse called “the Baked Bear.” People were walking around with delicious looking cookie ice cream sandwiches in paper trays and we wanted them (but we got the ice cream cookie tower at PB Alehouse instead). This time I was determined to finally try one of their famous ice cream sandwiches at their location on Grand Avenue.

It's worth the wait. The heavenly menu

I expected a line for this awesome place, but it went quick. Soon I was leaning against the glass counter, caught in the tough decision- which cookies should make up my precious sweet sandwich? I was going to go with one red velvet and one funfetti- but fate stepped in, and in a split second my decision changed for the better. A guy walked by and told his friend in line behind me that he HAD to try the cookie-brownie ice cream sandwich. Sold. I went with vanilla ice cream (to not take away from the sandwich) in between a gooey ghirardelli brownie and a perfectly baked funfetti cookie. And I couldn’t forget the sprinkles.

Y U M Another shot for dramatic effect

We sat down, and after taking multiple photos for Instagram (as girls do) I finally dove into my creation. It was HEAVEN. I think my facial expressions said it all to Brady. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like dessert. I had to devour the calories all by myself (so much for the three mile run earlier that day) but it was one of the best desserts I’ve had in a while. And completely worth it. In the famous words of a sign I read there- “Life is short- Eat cookies.” Listen guys- if it’s a hot day in PB and you need a treat, you know where to go. You can thank me later. Don’t say I never told you about this place!

A wise quote


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