The Perfect Island Getaway

This post has been a long time coming. I have to share one of my favorite happy hour spots that I don’t think is as well known as it should be. (It’s a hidden gem!) Between the dangerously addictive island fries for $2, the delicious $3 green chile quesadillas and $4 beachside sliders, its pretty dang hard to pass up this happy hour when I’m within a ten mile radius of one of their locations. Heck, I could go for a quesadilla right this minute! The fries might have given this away, but I am of course talking about Islands.

The SoCal chain really lives up to its name. It’s a tropical escape complete with gnarly surf videos, plenty of toucans peaking through plants and unique puffer-fish light fixtures. I have been eating at Islands for a long time, and their food is downright awesome, but I have only recently discovered their happy hour menu. The golden hours are between 4-7pm, so make sure you head to their bar area if you want the specials.

Big Island Ice Tea & Fries

When Friday rolls around, this is the happy hour that Brady and I default to. We have never been disappointed and (pretty-much) always walk away paying a reasonable tab. Throw in a few of my favorite fruity Big Island Ice Tea’s and you are set for a relaxed evening! If you are into sweetly spiked milkshakes, try the “Rusty Anchor.” It’s an adult twist on their Trade Wind milkshake- a combination of coconut, banana and chocolate. What a deadly combination. Be forwarned- its extremely sweet!

When I’m not fortunate enough to make it between the 4-7pm window, my favorite item on the menu isn’t a burger- it’s their Toucan chicken sandwich- complete with grilled pineapple and teriyaki sauce. YUM! Their variety of burgers is extensive (and delicious if you ask my friend Michelle or Brady), but I just can’t break away from the Toucan. Once I find something I like, its pretty hard for me to order anything else!

I am posting this on a Monday for a reason. We alllll know that Monday’s can be especially brutal, and we alllll need a little islands getaway every once in a while. (Or once a week in my opinion!) After a long day, an ice cold drink and a basket of their fries can really hit the spot. So the next time you are in need of an island getaway – a few miles from your house that is – head over to their happy hour, grab a refreshing drink and stay a while!


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