What’s New in Sin City…

A group of us headed to Sin City last Friday, prepared for weekend of gambling, pool parties and of course, buffets. We had an awesome time and I got the chance to experience many new things. For those of you who haven’t made it out to Vegas in the past 6 months, a lot of new additions have made the Strip even more enjoyable!

The Fabulous...

After the five-hour drive that heightened the anticipation, we finally made it to Las Vegas Blvd. We checked into our recently updated Go-Room at the Flamingo with an awesome view of Caesars and the Bellagio and participated in the usual Vegas opening ceremonies (Brady’s favorite part of the trip). I’m pretty sure all Vegas opening ceremonies are the same, but let me break it down just in case.

1. Throw the bags down
2. Set up a makeshift bar by a window (preferably facing the Strip)
3. Line up the shot glasses
4. In the words of a wise man named Kenneth- Do the needful- Take a celebratory shot of choice. This usually ends in wincing faces after experiencing how terrible straight liquor can be!
5. Hit the Strip

The updated Go- Room at Flamingo
 Hittin the Strip

We heard that the High Roller (the London Eye of Vegas) was a really cool sight, and since it was next door to the Flamingo, we headed over to check it out. Between the Flamingo and Quad lies the newly updated “Linq,” an updated outdoor dining and retail area. It has a Downtown Disney feel and I was blown away by how nice it was. O’Sheas is now back in action (but don’t expect $5 car bombs anymore, they are now $11 … what a letdown!). But what brought my spirits back up was the Sprinkles cupcakes shop, smack-dab in the middle of the Linq. The cobblestone street also had a promising pizza place called “Flour and Barley,” the famous Ghirardelli
Ice Cream Parlor (yes!) and plenty of bars. Lots to see and do in that area. I would highly recommend checking it out next time you visit the Fabulous Las Vegas. The High Roller lies at the end of the walkway, which is a glamorous wheel with imaginably amazing views. It was a great start to our trip and a nice addition to an already bustling Strip.

Better shot of the High Roller The Linq

Also open for business- the Cromwell (formally Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall). It’s a pretty swanky place.

The next morning we headed down to the Flamingo Go-Pool. If you are into having a great time by the pool, head there. Insider tip – bring a Frisbee, and you’ll be SURE to make friends while throwing it around the pool (and maybe score a few free drinks too!)

photo 3-13 Go Pool

One Vegas first for me- Downtown Las Vegas. We took a cab over to the Golden Nugget for $25 and wanted to see the sights of Fremont Street. It has a completely different feel, a little less glamorous but still so much fun. The gambling is cheaper, there are tons more neon signs, and it is home to the Fremont experience. The experience is a light show that occurs at the top of every hour from 6pm-12am. The lights and music together were pretty amazing.

Golden Nugget Fremont Experience

On Sunday morning, four of us made a reservation at Hash House a Go Go in the Quad for breakfast. Be prepared to wait – we waited 45 minutes for a party of four. It was definitely worth it though, and I would recommend visiting their San Diego location. They are known for their absolutely ginormous portions. Walking to our table I saw multiple people who ordered the pancake. Yes, only one pancake that filled an enormous plate (the mango coconut pancake piqued my interest!). Many platters of chicken and waffles passed by me as well, literally big enough to feed three people. I’ve heard it’s their claim to fame. While the wait was long, the meal was well worth it and we had plenty to take back to our room for later.

Artichoke Hash

Mike made me a believer in Roulette

Another place I haaaave to mention is Earls (The Earl of Sandwich). Located in Planet Hollywood at the end of the Miracle Mile mall, this place is almost always poppin’. It’s a fast food sandwich chain with a much higher quality, specializing in hot sandwiches. Their sandwiches range from $6-8, which is extremely reasonable for their location on the Strip. My favorite item on the menu? The Holiday Turkey sandwich! Good stuff. Don’t be intimidated by the line, they know how to handle a crowd and the line moves quickly!

The One n Only Earls

We ended our stay with a walk to the beautiful Wynn hotel for their breakfast buffet. This is one of the best buffets I have had in Vegas, and I can only imagine what the dinner buffet would consist of. Unlike most buffets, the seating at the Wynn Buffet is not cafeteria-like, and the garden room was gorgeous.

Dessert Bar at Wynn BuffetSpecialities Selection at Wynn Buffet The Garden RoomOreo Cream Tarte

Well that about wraps it up for this post. Sin City is always a blast. Luckily, I came out even, with the help of an extremely lucky Roulette bet(one of my new favorite table games after my friend Mike made me a believer after winning $200 on black). Next time you head over, be sure to check out these spots…and good luck on the tables. And be sure to answer the poll below!


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