Love Me Tender (Greens!)

I was sitting at my desk last week (hungry as usual) and had a craving. A craving that I knew would not go away until I got the chance to bite into the soft tender steak, dig into some yukon gold mashed potatoes, munch on a salad of soft butter lettuce and finish the meal off with the most amazing cookie I have EVER tasted. I, of course, had a serious stage 5 craving for Tender Greens.


Tender Greens…where to begin. My love affair for the restaurant began a few years ago, when my cousin Jen introduced me to this magical place when I visited her in Santa Monica. She had hyped it up so much, yet by the sound of it, it sounded like another spinoff of Panera. (NOT knocking Panera by the way- that is a good place). Yes, you order at the counter, like Panera. But unlike Panera, you get to watch the production line create your heavenly meal right before your eyes (would you like roasted vegetables with that?).

photo 5 photo 2

You order your protein (in my case-steak every time) in a salad, sandwich or as a hot plate. But everyone who has been to Tender Greens knows to order the hot plate. With the hot plate comes your choice of salad (my go-to is ALWAYS the butter lettuce salad) and the amazingly, incredibly smooth and buttery yukon gold mashed potatoes. As Jenny describes them- “So good it ain’t even right.” You said it Jen. I’m not going to go into detail about how great they are- you just need to try them to experience the magic for yourself. Brady always orders the herb brushed albacore. He loves it. I am just more of a steak fan. And if I am feeling especially hungry/gluttonous, I order the roasted vegetables. They are pretty delicious, just not as delicious as the potatoes. They set their standards high with the yukon golds.

Steak Hot Plate

One day I was feeling especially bold and ordered the Salted oatmeal white chocolate cookie. HOLY DESSERTS! It was exactly as amazing as it sounded- and more. Look it up online and you will see plenty of people raving about the recipe. Even Brady loves them- and he isn’t a dessert fan!

Salted White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie

Tender Greens is a California chain, with four locations in San Diego – Liberty Station, Downtown, UTC and at the airport. The indoor/outdoor seating provides a laid back atmosphere, with art local art pieces decked on the walls. I am hoping- no, pleading-for a location closer to Chula Vista. I think it would be a great addition in the Otay Ranch area.

Welp, there you have it. If you get the opportunity to go to Tender Greens, I have taken it upon myself to tell you exactly what to order: steak hot plate with butter lettuce salad, potatoes being a given, and a delicious salted oatmeal white chocolate cookie – you’re welcome. * Note- everything looks/is delicious.

I think I know where I will be eating dinner tonight…

This post is dedicated to Jenny. The angel, cousin and best friend who introduced me to this amazing place. 😉


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