A Lesson Learned on Taco Tuesday

Another Tuesday has rolled around. And Tuesdays in San Diego mean one thing… TACO TIME!

Brady and I have made it a tradition to go to World Famous on Tuesdays for their delicious $1.75 shrimp tacos. (I think I’ve mentioned this place…more than a few times 😉 ). In one of our many trips to WF, we noticed the tortillas were different (not as fresh as usual) and asked our server about them. She explained that the tortillas are made in-house at their sister restaurant Fat Fish Cantina & Grill a few blocks down, but unfortunately they ran out of the homemade ones that night. Which brings me to a tip- make sure to get there early!  I had no idea that World Famous had a sister restaurant, but from our great experiences at WF, we knew we had to give Fat Fish a shot.


Fat Fish Cantina Grill lies on the corner of Mission Blvd & Garnet, and I am ashamed to say I had never been there before. Their weekday happy hour specials are pretty awesome- and last from 4-11pm (yes that’s 7 hours of specials each weekday!). Specials below:

$3 Margaritas from 4-6pm Monday-Friday

MONDAY $7 lobster tails
TUESDAY $1 street tacos $1.50 shrimp tacos
WEDNESDAY 1/2 off appetizers
THURSDAY $2 fish tacos–Live music by Cantua
FRIDAY Live music by Cantua

My best friend Elizabeth, Brady and I went to test out their shrimp and street tacos and, of course, we had a few beers to wash them down. Coronas and tacos by the beach, such a typical Tuesday night in San Diego! While you can’t beat the view at WF, we sat on their outdoor patio and got a lot of people watching in. The tacos were amazing for the price. We ordered the $1.50 shrimp tacos and $1 street tacos and to our delight, they had the homemade tortillas!  I don’t think I would need another street taco, but I would definitely go back for the shrimp and fish tacos (they were delicious).

photo 4-16

All in all, we had a good time. Fat fish is a lot bigger than it looks from the street and seems to be always popping. The next time I go, I will be sure to try one of their cocktails because they look amazing from pictures on Yelp. Another Taco Tuesday down, another amazing spot to satisfy my taco craving. And I definitely learned a lesson. When it comes to tacos, homemade tortillas definitely do make all the difference!

photo 5-19



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