The Brunch at Tractor Room

A while back my good friend Mike recommended the Tractor Room in Hillcrest, which is run by the same owners as Hash House. The first time we were introduced to the Hash House was during a “hangover” breakfast in Vegas and we absolutely loved it. Last Saturday my boyfriend and I were craving a unique breakfast and were wanting to try something new, so we headed over to Hillcrest to give the Tractor Room a go. I am so glad we did- thanks Mike!


If you are looking for ginormous portions, delicious food and amazing presentation, the Tractor Room is definitely the right place for you. It’s a smaller restaurant with an outdoor patio and a dark interior dining room with walls covered with abstract animal heads and tractor memorabilia. “A” for ambience! Along the side of the building, you can grab some free coffee and play an intense round of ping-pong while you wait to be sat! (that’s what we did!)


As we were deciding what to order, eye-catching meals were passing us left and right. A table to our right ordered the Fried Chicken Waffle Tower and Nutmeg French Toast. I regret not taking a picture of the orders because the presentation was spectacular. Be prepared for a meal AND a show! Brady and I were overwhelmed by the deliciously unique menu items, but finally settled on two, deciding to share a little bit of both. I ordered a variation of the Free Range Wild Boar Hash (except I ordered it as a scramble).


Note: This photo doesn’t do the proportions justice. The biscuit & honey due were bigger than my fist!

At first I was a little apprehensive about my order, because it was a last minute order and there was no going back. I must say, after taking the first bite of the dish, I was blown away at how delicious it was. The Wild Boar Hash came with potatoes, pancetta cheese, fresh tomatoes and plenty of basil, eggs, wild boar, a delicious biscuit and was garnished with fruit. It was the perfect combination of pancetta, savory boar and egg. Somehow we ended up with a literal skillet of cornbread to top it off. Needless to say, I was happy with my meal for 4.


Brady ordered the Fresh Ground Lamb Scramble (except as a hash with potatoes.) His dish came with sundried tomatoes, lamb, basil and goat cheese, and was equally as huge as mine. I must say, while I preferred my plate at the restaurant, Brady’s leftovers were tastier later. Our brunch fed us two more times, for lunch and dinner.


The plates range from $10-$20, so it is a little pricier than your average breakfast place, but the Tractor Room is anything but average. Unless you are the host of Man vs. Food, the portions will leave you with a hearty amount of leftovers. I would recommend sharing meals to keep the tab down, as long as your company wants the same thing as you do! If you need more convincing, head to their Yelp page and check out the photos of their giant chocolate-banana pancakes and dinner options. We had an awesome experience, and I look forward to taking out-of-towners there to show off how San Diego really does brunch. Already been to The Tractor Room? I welcome your recommendations and will keep them in mind the next time that I’m there! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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