Brunch at West Coast Tavern

Rise and shine! I hope you all are enjoying the “Fall Back” extra hour to sleep in this morning, and the rain we had last night! For those of you who are just getting up, or those who are lookin to get some good grub, I have to tell you about the delicious brunch at West Coast Tavern in North Park!

Last Saturday I went to brunch with my parents and Brady. We were craving something different, so I suggested West Coast Tavern- a place that is known in North Park as a great brunch spot. Lucky for us, we got a table right on the patio- a prime spot for people watching -and oh, did we see some characters!


We started off with a mimosa pitcher for $15. We figured it was a nice touch to a late breakfast. It came in an adorable oversized mason jar, and served about 5-6 mimosas. Careful though, the person who gets the first pour ends up with the most champagne!DSC_0775

Brady and my Dad both ordered the Beef Tenderloin Egg Benedict and absolutely loved it. Brady has been talking about it all week, so that’s a pretty good indication of how tasty it was! He said that the beef was extremely tender, the poached eggs were perfectly cooked, and the lemon and chive hollandaise sauce was the perfect compliment to the dish.

Mom ordered the Green Eggs n’ Ham, which consisted of scrambled eggs with all sorts of healthy green veggies, house potatoes and toast. The toast came with house made blackberry jam which was fresh and delicious.

As for me, I have been CRAVING chicken and waffles, so I naturally gravitated toward that item as soon as I saw it on the menu. The chicken was so tender and juicy (and I am extremely picky with chicken!). The combination of the savory flavors of the chicken with the sweet syrup and waffle was perfection. The only hiccup was that it was covered in bacon. I am one of the few people on this planet who dislikes bacon, but for anyone else, they would find it delish. Needless to say, I am embarrassed that I ate the whole thing, but it was for a good cause.

We had a great time and would definitely be back again. Bryan, our server, was absolutely fantastic. He was so friendly, had a great sense of humor, and was extremely welcoming. If you get Bryan, you will be in good hands! For those of you looking to check out West Coast’s happy hour and dinner menus, I wrote about it a while back, you can check it out here. If you would like to know more about their brunch menu, which is complete with scrambles, sandwiches, breakfast potatoes and more, click here! Enjoy the rest of your Halloweekend, and thanks for checking out my blog!

West Coast Tavern
2895 University Ave. San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 295-1688


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