December Nights 2014

Well, another December Nights has come and gone. (I am so sad to say that!) If you are a native, chances are that you made the arduous trek to Balboa Park, fought tooth and nail for a decent parking spot and weaved through the thousands to wander around Balboa Park to get in the Christmas spirit this weekend.  To me, battling the parking and crowds is always worth it, as it’s the ultimate San Diegan Christmas tradition!

My best friends and I had some delicious food at the International Houses, listened to carolers at the Organ Pavilion, grabbed a beer in the beer tent and browsed the Natural History Museum. I hadn’t visited the Spanish Village during December Nights before, but was so glad we ventured over. There were so many different works of art and food trucks (including my favorite- the Super Q Food Truck) in that area that it was a lot of fun to peruse! I would recommend stopping by that area next year. By 9pm, we were completely exhausted and headed home. We had a great time, and were sad the night was over. I did manage to snap a few pictures amongst the chaos though!

For those of you that made it to December Nights, I hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family, and I hope you are in the Christmas spirit. These next weeks are going to fly by so quickly! Have a great week. I will be sure to post more soon! And most importantly — HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



One thought on “December Nights 2014

  1. Rita Archer says:

    Wow! That sounds like fun! Great photos! We just got our year long passes to Balboa Park and all the attractions, and it was starting with the Dec. Nights Event, but we missed it. Thanks for nice write up allowing us some insight to what we missed. Love and hugs, Rita Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2014 05:16:41 +0000 To:

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