Hey everyone and welcome to SipSavorSeeSD! I am a 25 year old native San Diegan who has always had dreams of working for a magazine. I have always liked writing and trying new things and am a huge foodie. I put those three hobbies together ,and SipSavorSeeSD was born! I hope to use this blog as a starting point to getting closer to my dream of doing something that I love. Since I currently live in San Diego, my posts will primarily be based on restaurants and things to do here in my hometown. I love using parentheses (you will see them quite often). I have always loved to travel and try new things and will post about experiences I enjoy in San Diego and in other cities as well. I might talk about Buffalo often, my family is from Buffalo and I consider it my home away from SD. By reading my blog, you are supporting my American dream. Thank you for your time and support and enjoy.

Sincerely, Briana

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Any comments or feedback? I’d love to hear them: sipsavorseesd@gmail.com


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